Could your business do with the financial expertise of a CFO/Finance Director (FD) to help drive success?

What if you could have all the benefits of a CFO/FD at a fraction of the cost?

All top companies have a CFO so why shouldn’t you?

The role of a CFO/FD can be broken down into two main categories:

  1. Overseeing the finance team to ensure all compliance and tax matters are met
  2. Devising and implementing the strategy for the company including budgeting and raising finance

Most SME’s employ staff or outsource to an accountant to ensure all compliance work is done. Many however do not consider hiring a finance professional to help on the strategic side.

The reason usually is the size of the business and the cost of hiring a CFO/FD. For many businesses they don’t require a full time CFO/FD. But what if you could hire a CFO/FD on a part time basis?

Our part time CFO/FD service allows SME’s access to the same quality of CFO/FD but only for the amount of time that the business requires.

How it works- Trading SME’s

We arrange a free initial meeting to discuss your requirements and how we believe we can add value. The process usually follows these 5 steps:

  1. Initial meeting to assess the current finance function

This is an introductory meeting to allow us to understand your business model and for you to ask us questions about our service.

  1. Identify what your business requires

Do you need to improve cashflow? Would you like to understand the numbers more to help improve the business? Have you a budget in place to help you manage the business and identify opportunities and threats?

  1. Design management accounts and KPI reports

We can help design monthly reports to make it easier to understand the numbers. We will also make sure that all the key KPI’s are included so you can track the business performance and make changes quickly when they are required.

  1. Schedule monthly or more/less frequent meetings

We don’t just produce reports and leave the rest to you. We meet regularly with clients to talk through the business performance and offer advice to help make your business even more successful. Some clients like weekly meeting where others only require once a month. We tailor our approach to each client.

  1. Deliver focussed financial advice to help grow the business and its profitability

We take the time to understand your business and never offer generic advice. Whether its cashflow, funding or anything else, we will work with you to devise the best approach specific to your business.

We have seen the good and the bad from all different types of businesses and can use this experience to help drive your business forward.

How it works- Start-up’s

We also work with start-ups that have not yet commenced trading but would like to get their finance function set up and adding value right away.

How we can help

  1. We can join the team at the planning stage

Starting a business is an exciting time and can also be a stressful one. Many start-ups are founded by one of two people. While many entrepreneurs have a broad range of skills, not many people will have all the skills required in all the different areas. Depending on the business the areas of expertise required may include IT, sales and marketing, finance, operations, legal, HR and others specific to the business.

Most big business have teams in all these areas but at the start up stage the funds usually aren’t available for this. We can help on the finance side. Our flexible approach is much more cost effective and means you get the expertise you need without the huge cost.

A big part of any review of a business is the team. Investors & lenders get comfort knowing that the business has expertise in all the key areas.

  1. Assist in business plan preparation and implementation.

With our business plan service we offer a range of plans from free templates that allow you to complete your plan right up to our full service where we prepare the plan for you from start to finish.

If you sign up to our CFO package, we will include the Platinum business plan service for free. The benefit of this is we are involved right at the beginning, helping you to develop your strategy and also assisting in implementing and monitoring the progress of the business.

  1. Advise on funding options/prepare information and attend meetings with funding providers

Funding is key for any business and choosing the right funding is just as important.

We can advise of the types of funding available and discuss the pros and cons of each. Equity funding is very popular in start-ups but its important that businesses understand what they are giving away in return. Bank funding is sometimes and option and often depends on what stage the business is at. There is no right or wrong answer as to which source of funding to look for. Being informed of the options will help the business make the right decision.

  1. Attend meeting/pitches and talk investors/banks through the numbers (helps avoid those awkward Dragon’s Den type moments where the numbers ruin the pitch)

We’ve all seen those pitches where the presenters talk about the business and how great it is. It’s all going well until the questions about numbers start.

Gross margin/net margin/payback period. It can all get a bit complicated when you’re not a numbers person. From the investor/banks point of view, if they can’t understand the numbers they will find it hard to invest.

We can take that stress away by being your finance person at these meetings/pitches, leaving you to focus on the job of describing how great your business is.


Prices start from €399 per month

We can create a tailored plan for your business so you only pay for the time you need.

Get in touch and we can talk you through this