Finance Chief Business Plan Template

Writing a business plan can be tricky with many people struggling knowing where to start. Our template includes lots of helpful guides and tips to help you along the way. The template has 2 main components:

1. Main Document

This includes a number of sections such as Executive Summary, Company Description, Market Analysis, Marketing/Sales Strategy, Staffing and Operations, Financial Projections, Roadmap/Future Developments and Exit Strategy.

Each section includes hints and tips on what you should include. It may also be the case that some sections are not relevant to certain businesses. If so, they can be easy removed.

Sample business plan

Here is an extract from one of the many business plans completed using our template. We include the full sample business plan with our template so you always have something to refer back to.

Extract of sample business plan

2. Financial projections builder

This template helps you produce projected financial statements for 3 years. The great news is you don’t need any knowledge of tax, vat depreciation and other accounting terms.

Benefits of using the template

The benefits of the template include:

  • No accounting knowledge required
  • Professional looking accounts to impress investors/banks
  • Graphs automatically generated that give a good snapshot of how the business will perform
  • Analysis of the cash position of the business to highlight the cash requirement and also times when cash may be tight.


We have 3 packages to help complete your business plan

Bronze Package- Access to our easy to use business plan templates- €99

Silver Package– Expert review of your plan and suggested improvements- from €249

This includes an initial consultation to understand your business, a full review by our experts, a report on areas to consider and a follow up meeting to discuss the report.

Gold Package– Fully prepared plan by an experienced business plan expert- from €699

We can work with you thought the process and offer guidance along the way. We will keep working with you until you are happy with the final plan.

Have a question about our template? Get in touch and we will be happy to help